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Long Arm Quilting


Let me take this time to tell you a little about myself. I have been sewing since Junior High School many many years ago. We all like to talk about our first sewing projects; mine was a a searsucker dress that I made for a home economic class. I thought it turned out fairly well and was surprised to find it actually fit. I didn't sew for many years later. When I first got married, we struggled as a married couple and found the joy in making my own home decorations from curtains, maternity clothes, and costumes for the kids. I found a lot of joy and satisfaction in making my own home decorations. I think I dabbled in just about everything including tole painting.

    About 8 years ago, I hit tough times in my personal life and needed an outlet for myself. I stopped into a Cozy Quilt'n a new quilt shop in Apple Valley, California. I was amazed at all the beautiful quilts and signed up for a quilt class and have absolutely loved it ever since. I took many classes learning different piecing and quilting techniques and making many new friends. I was hooked on quilting.

   When I made a quilt, I would send it out to be quilted. Unfortunately, at times I would have to wait along time to be completed. Therefore; I researched various models of Longarm Quilting machines for months before I decided to buy mine. I researched all their capabilities, features, and cost.

   I chose a Gammill Statler Stitcher because it is the top of the line Longarm Quilting Machine. My Statler Stitcher has a computerized software program combined with hardware that can stitch almost any design and can intricately quilt a king size quilt in hours. It can be guided by hand for freemotion work or by the computer for a precise quilting style. I have been in business now for more than three years and love learning new techniques and frequently take classes to better my skills as I truly want my work to reflect my love of quilting.

 I hope I can be of service to you and share my love of quilting and build a relationship with another fellow quilter.


Yours in Quilting,

Cheryl Williamson






The beautiful, colorful quilt you made for me is one of my most loved possessions.


My quilt was made after I lost  a beloved Golden Retriever I had bred . Riley, and later his sister Dani.


Cheryl was sent photos of my dogs… The dog photos are integrated like little jewels.


The quilt is so comforting as well as very pretty! To say it is priceless is an understatement.


Of course, the workmanship is beautiful. I love it!




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